About Us

Welcome to Ahh Woof Woof 👋🏻

Here at Ahh Woof Woof we really do believe that dogs are our best companions and deserve the very best.

That's why all our product range is carefully selected, to provide our customers with the best products that their pooches will love.

Where it all began

Growing up as children there was always dogs around, they have always been apart of the family and we have always had that human/dog interaction and bond. Ahh woof woof is a family run business, it started in early 2021 when we was on the hunt for some dog products for our pooch, we would always find that we could only find certain products in certain stores and always have to go to multiple stores to get what we wanted, then one day we thought why don't we bring everything that our pooch and your pooches need all together and setup our very own shop, from that day Ahh Woof Woof was born.


Say Hi to our inspiration and ambassadog Archie


Our Products

You won't see any old products in our shop, they are all carefully selected to ensure we can provide you with everything you need and want. Our range of products will always be growing and expanding. 

Which is why if you don't see something that your looking for then send us an email or message on our socials and we will do our very best to provide you with what your looking for.


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Drop us an email at info@ahhwoofwoof.com


Thank you so much for visiting us, we really do value your time and custom.

Licks and Wags 

Team Ahh Woof Woof 🐾